Hello, 👋 and welcome to my web page! I'm Fox, a lifelong programmer and web developer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

My interests in computer science and experience building for the world wide web has crystallized into a successful career creating interfaces and products for some of these fine companies.

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More about The Fox...

HTML for breakfast

Yes! You read that right! My appetite for HTML has evolved into myself becoming a confident and knowledgeable frontend and web developer.

I've subsequently made a career out of eating HTML (on LinkedIn) and today, by using tools like Javascript, Node and React, in my day-to-day, I continue to create functional interfaces and experiences.

Game design

I have forever been intrigued by the complexity and submersive nature of computer gaming. Still considering myself a novice, I have often found myself tinkering with game engines, 3D modeling, shaders or algorithms.

General game design is both visually and technically very challenging, and encompasses a vast array of skills and domains just to produce even a basic product. Our mini collective, Boulder Trap, has released a pixel shooter game on Steam in the recent past called MoonRun, and it's free!

A sound guy

Sound production and music is another big passion of mine. From the sheer engineering knowledge to the multitude of wonderful instruments and interfaces to plugins and software, the options to create sonic magic are just endless.

I tended the Cape Audio Collage right after leaving school. That experience has helped lay a great foundation with regards to my attention to the auditory details. Composing, synthesis and production are my favourite aspects of sound engineering.

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