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WordPress Popurls Clone

Published 2008

Wordpress Popurls Clone

A What? I built a theme around a very popular and low maintainable website concept. Popurls.com and Alltop.com are good examples and I thought it would be nice to have a WordPress theme that could do exactly that. Thus WordPress Popurls Clone was born.

This theme took me quite some time to complete. And when it came to the end of development, it came time to decide. Do I give it away for free? Or do I make the generous public pay for it?

After thinking about it for a while. I decided to put a price tag on it. In many ways this is a Premium Theme and with the amount of time and effort I put into this theme. I wanted to see fruits of those efforts. If you have a mojor problem paying for it. Then Contact me, and we can have a chat.

Now let me tell you what you’re getting…


  • VERY simple to use (no coding required)
  • Supports multiple RSS feeds
  • Supports multiple Flickr feeds
  • Both Flickr and RSS tooltip support
  • Fully Widgetized!
  • Header Image support
  • DIY Color schemes
  • DIY Fonts and Layouts
  • Normal WordPress functionality (Blogging)

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Name: Video Theme
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: WP 2.6+




To create your feeds page it very simple.

  1. Go to Write > Pages in your WordPress backend.
  2. Create a page name and scroll down till you find the “Page Template
  3. Assign the Template called “Feeds Page“.
  4. Then head over to the Design > Widgets section
  5. Select which ever Feed column you wish to add to.
  6. Choose from either RSS Feeds or Flickr Feeds from the available widgets.
  7. Edit the individual widgets, with several options for the Flickr widgets.
  8. Add up to 39 RSS widgets and 19 Flickr Widgets.

The theme comes with a readme.html for a more detailed installation instructions.


I highly recommend you make use of the WP-Cache plugin along with this theme. It reduces the need for your feeds page to fetch the feeds every time, making your site run much faster and more efficient. The plugin is free of charge.

Screen Shots

Flickr Tooltips

Popurls Clone Flickr

RSS Tooltips

Popurls Clone Tooltip

Widget Control

Popurls Clone RSS Widgets


Popurls Clone Backend

Color Picker

Popurls Clone Color Picker

A Quick and Easy Theme

Popurls Clone Theme


Thanks to Sandbox for creating the best theme to work from and FlickrRSS for the Flickr functionality, although i had to modify everything.. heavily.

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