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Video WordPress Theme

Published 2008

Wordpress Video Theme

I should really make you pay for this theme, but since I’m in a generous mood I’m giving this one away free of charge! This “Videos theme” will cater for all you Vlogging needs. A theme dedicated to displaying video posts and an orderly and most importantly, easy manner.

So if you ever wanted to run you own “No sweat” Vlog (Video Log/Blog), you can do so now with my Video Theme. Making use of the most simplest of wordpress functionalities, you can embed your own Videos, YouTube, Meta Cafe, MySpace, Veoh and many more.


Video Theme v1.1 (unknown, 46,042 hits)


  • Multiple Color Schemes
  • Dark or Light Layouts
  • Built-in ‘Recent Videos’ Widget
  • Embed personally hosted videos (.flv)
  • UPDATE: Embed from any site
  • Embed from supported videos sites:
    • YouTube
    • Meta Cafe
    • Daily Motion
    • Vimeo
    • Veoh
    • Break.com
    • Blip
    • MySpace
    • Live Leak
    • Hulu
    • More to come, on request…
  • Video RSS Support
  • Add multiple Videos form different sources to a post.


Users are now able to embed from any site that grants embed code for their video material. Also note that you can add a image still (poster frame) to the front of your custom FLV videos. When adding a custom FLV video add the key “start_image” to the custom fields. This image gets automatically re-sized to fit the player.


Name: Video Theme
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: WP 2.5+

Live Demo



Download theme, unzip and upload to wp-content/themes/. Activate and enjoy!


Adding a video to a post works by adding “Custom Fields“. Enter the following Keys for the respective videos types: any, custom, youtube, metacafe, dailymotion, blip, veoh, vimeo, myspace, break, liveleak.

Then in the Value field add only the code of the video. Usually very easy to find in the address bar of the video you want to add.


If the video you wanted embed into your post was: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbgySMqRO1Y

  • Key: youtube
  • Value: vbgySMqRO1Y

If you wanted to embed anything into your post use the embed code the service provides:

  • Key: any
  • Value: <object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/3IN7yJWi … </embed></object>

Please note that the height and width will get replaced by a predefined amountsIf you wanted to embed your own hosted FLV video into your post use the direct url along with adding a image still before the video plays:

  • Key: custom
  • Value: http://<youraddress>/wp-content/videos/video.flv
  • Key: start_image
  • Value: http://<youraddress>/video-player.jpg

Please note that the video does not need to have any predefined directory, just a direct address.

Here is an example of what you must do with Meta Cafe videos:



This theme was not made for blogging. If you do make a post and not add a video, there will just be a large gap where the video is suppose to go. Also, a posts content can’t be too much otherwise it might out grow the length of the video block. Sorry about that. Also .MOV file formats are maticulously difficult to embed onto the web. I still have to find a way of doing this.

This theme was sponsored by Videos.Blueworld.co.za.

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