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Facebook WordPress Theme

Published 2008

The Facebook WordPress theme is out and it’s free. Not only that, you can change colors! As simple as the Facebook design itself, this theme brings it all together. It looks good and works great. Incorporating all of the best design elements on the Facebook layout. Sreenshots and Demo Previews are also available.


People have requested for the classic widget control over their post page (single.php). I have uploaded the alternative theme for that, v1.1. Alternatively you can just download the single.php here and replace the single.php, same thing. The facebook theme on the demos.foxinni.com will stay on the default style.


Name: Facebook Layouts
Version: 1.0 & 1.1
Compatibility: WP 2.2+ (possibly work with lesser versions, untested)


Facebook Theme V1.1 (All Widgets Sidebar) (70.3 KiB, 98,525 hits)

Facebook Wordpress Theme V1.0 (68.4 KiB, 43,825 hits)


Facebook Layouts WordPress Theme




Download theme, unzip and upload to wp-content/themes/. Activate and enjoy!
Readme PDF coming soon!


  • Color Scheme changing (Blue, Green, Red, Black, Grey, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Light Blue and Purple)
  • Toggle WordPress Logo on or off
  • Header text alignment

Facebook Layouts WordPress Theme

More Info

Tested and working in FF, IE6 and IE7. If there are bugs please report them and I’ll try get to them, if not… get a better browser.

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